Engaging the Culture

A series of events discussing the clash between the Christian and alternative world views.

Creation or Evolution? A discussion between the Edinburgh Group of the Humanist Society of Scotland and Edinburgh Creation Group recorded at the Friends Meeting House on the Royal Mile.

Should Schools Teach Creationism? A debate set up by the Institute of Ideas in the National Library of Edinburgh

Does Philip Pullman have a case against God? Grant Macaskill discusses Pullman's book trilogy 'His Dark Materials'

A response to Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion Dan Petersen discusses Dawkins' best selling book 'The God Delusion'.

Challenging Atheist Myths David Robertson discusses his new book refuting Richard Dawkins claims in 'The God Delusion'

www.is-the-bible-reliable.org A series of talks looking at the reliability of the Bible as a guide to faith.

www.atheistdebate.org A series of lively debates between prominent atheists and Christians under the auspices of the Edinburgh University CU and the Philosphy Society.

www.edinburghcreationgroup.org A series of talks including topics on Intelligent Design and Creation Science

These talks are available in a variety of streaming formats including Vimeo, Google Video etc and some of them are available to down-load through Vuze. Talks are also available on DVD.

A sideways look at modern culture