I worked for the BBC for 29 years as an engineer finally being the technical coordinator for BBC Scotland in Edinburgh and the Scottish Parliament. As a Christian I had always used my skills to record services and conferences etc. I had also made one or two training videos. When I retired I set up Seraph Media to be able to do this work more or less full time. An opportunity came to make a video for an Italian missionaryorganisation and I also started making DVDs for the Faith Mission in Edinburgh. The multi-camera techniques I learned from this led on to videoing seminars and debates for the internet. Other work includes recording Seminars for the Crieff Fellowship and Scottish Evangelical Theology Society. I have just started a major project to help digitise the tape archive of L'Abri Fellowship in Greatham; this includes lectures by many prominent speakers such as Ranald Macaulay and Jerram Barrs. I am particulary interested in producing Christian Apologetics material (ie tackling intellectual problems about the Christian faith).

Note that this web site reflects a conservative evanglical view that the Bible is the inspired word of God and that Christ died for our sins so that we might be reconciled to God. Beyond that it reflects quite a broad range of view points on issues such as the nature of creation, Calvinism, gifts of the Spirit, baptism etc.. Speakers might hold different views on these secondary issues.

Stephen Carter


Pip's Studio