What we believe

Some questions and answers about us and our faith.

Q Why Seraph Media

A The Seraph in the Bible was an angel who forthtells the glory of the Lord. It is our purpose to make known the Good News of Jesus Christ and to help communicate Christian Truth. That is why we chose the name.

Q So what exactly is a Christian?

A As time passes there seems to be increasing confusion as to what Christians believe. We would call ourselves conservative evangelicals which put another way would be 'middle of the road' Bible believing Christians.

Q So what does that mean?

A Well we believe God created the Universe and Life. We believe that he created man in his own image (the Bible says male and female he made them, by man we mean mankind the species rather than referring to gender) and most importantly perfect and without sin. He set up man to be steward of the earth and all that was in it. His intention was to have a perfect relationship with man.

Unfortuneately man chose to rebel against God causing what the Bible calls the Fall. This broke the relationship between God and Man and introduced death and decay into the creation.

God chose a man called Abraham to start a process of reconciliation between man and God. He would later show Moses the 10 commandments - the law to show man how to respect God and to live with his fellow man. A system of sacrifice was inaugerated to demonstrate the seriousness of sin and how it might be paid for

After many events chronicled in what we call the Old Testament demonstrating man could not live up to God's standards He decided to directly intervene by entering the creation as a man Himself. The difference being that Jesus did keep the law. We believe that by entering creation He did several things including demonstrating His character and concerns for mankind by going around healing people. He gave us a pattern for life through His teaching most clearly demonstrated in the so called 'sermon on the mount'. Most importantly of all He then allowed Himself to be accused unjustly and be crucified as a common criminal. Because He was without sin He then became the perfect sacrifice and so doing he restored the relationship between man and himself. Three days later He arose to demonstrate His power over death appearing to more than 500 witnesses.

We believe that He entrusted building a church to 11 men who had been His disciples during His earthly ministry before returning to heaven after several weeks.

We believe that He gave part of himself called the Holy Spirit to those who to follow Him. Through the power of the Holy Spirit the Church grew enormously during the years following Christ's ministry. The Church suffered severe persecution which in turn scattered it through the then known worl causing it to grow even more.

We believe that man continues to suffer seperation from God unless he responds to Christ and asks for forgiveness of his sins. Most people at first thought think they have done OK if they have not robbed a bank or murdered anybody but when we look at the 10 commandments from the book of Deteronomy - It is a pretty tough list. Worse still Jesus says that we have to do much more than tick the box. If we look lustfully at another woman it is equivilent to adultery. If we are unjustifiably angry it is the same as murder. No one can keep to this standard. Only Jesus can forgive us our sins.

Jesus tells us He will return and bring judgement. Now for some they will die before that happens but we will all face judgement. Listening to most folk these days it sounds as if it is God who is in the dock. How can He allow this that or the other but sooner or later we will all have to face Him. We read in Romans

For we will all stand before God's judgment seat. It is written:
    " 'As surely as I live,' says the Lord,
    'every knee will bow before me;
       every tongue will confess to God.' 12 So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God.

A scarey prospect but the distinctive about Christianity is that it is not a question of how good we are. - it is a case of whether we accept Christ's give of forgiveness of sins. He will not force us to do that but if we don't, we will be forever seperated from Him.

Q So is it just good people who go to Heaven?

A What makes Christianity unique as a world religion is that we believe it is not through our own good works that we go to heaven but instead it is by Christ's sacrifice on the cross. The Bible says that Jesus took all our sins upon Himself (1 Peter 2 v24)This means that we are saved by putting our faith in Him. Christians should of course want to do good works in response to what Christ has done for them, indeed one might question whether someone is genuine if they do not do good works or their lifestyle is totally at variance to their faith but the point is that we are saved by God's grace through Christ's death and ressurrection and not by our works.

Q Don't all religons lead to God?

A If Christ had to die for our sins to reconcile us to God and we are thus saved then any religion which relies on our own effort must be incompatible.

In fact most religions are incompatible with each other and logically they cannot be all correct. Belief in a faith is not some airy fairy feeling in the mind. It must match up to a historical reality.

Q How can there be a God when there is so much suffering in the world?

A Well that is the wrong question, the presence of suffering doesn't prove whether God is there or not. It rather questions whether God is good or not. Christians believe that God didn't bring about the suffering. Man did that by disobeying God and bringing about the Fall. Jesus demonstrated in His earthly ministry that He dealt with suffering when He met it. The Bible teaches that God is just and that one day all injustice will be dealt with. For more discussion of this topic click here:

Q Is the Bible not full of contradictions?

A Well there are difficult questions but most people who say the Bible is full of contradictions cannot name any and many have not even read it. The book of John is one of the most helpful places to start. Read it on line here

Q Surely science and archeology have disproved the Bible?

A There are many Christians who are scientists. Some would hold different views about origins but all Bible believing Christians would see God as the Creator. Contrary to much popular thought Darwinism doesn't answer every question and even some non believing scientists identify serious problems with his theory. Have a look at these videos if you want to look further into this.
Archeologists have frequently claimed their findings have not corresponded to the Bible but as time has gone on more discoveries have matched up to Bible history. Have a look at this video

Q Why is the issue of Creation so important?

A Many people think they would prefer there to be no God because it then makes them morally free to do what they want. The reality is if there is no God we have no purpose and no value. Morality is arbitary and based on the majority view. Hitler was elected by democratic mandate! The whole purpose of mankind is bound up in Creation. Man is made in the image of God and is therefore of infinite worth.See this video

Q Don't authors such as Dan Brown cast serious doubt on the authenticity of the Bible with talk of other gospels?

A These other gospels were written much later than the original ones. The documents of the Bible are extremely reliable, much more so than those referring to the existance of Julius Ceaser for instance. For more details see this video

Q Surely Christianity is just a crutch?

A Unfortuneately Christianity is often regarded as a suitable for women and children only and those with problems. This is not the Christianity the Bible teaches and for many today, being a Christian results in serious persecution. Even in the UK there are now those who lose their careers for holding to their beliefs. We should believe Christianity because it is true.