Total Truth

Nancy Pearcey is the Francis A. Schaeffer Scholar at the World Journalism Institute, where Total Truth serves as the basis for a worldview curriculum.

How do we understand the culture we are in from a Christian perspective?

How did we get from where we were - i.e what would have been called a Christian society to the one we live in today?

How do we answer questions about what Christianity says about contemporary issues?

How do we bring our children up and keep them on board with the Faith?

Nancy endevours to answer these questions in a very readable everyday style. She is able to bring much of Francis Schaeffer's teaching into a contemporary context but in some ways in a more accessible style than Schaeffer as she does not presuppose that her readers will have read a certain philosopher if she mentions his or her work, she always gives a summary of the idea in question.

The book is from a North American perspective but the ideas are clearly transferable to a UK context. Highly recommended.

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