The Truth Project


Anyone of a certain age will remember the books of Dr James Dobson whose Focus on the Family Ministry was very much aimed at parents bringing up children in the context of a Christian family.

They have now moved on to dealing with developing a Christian World View in the family and further afield. This is a series of 13 lectures available on DVD led by the current director of FoF Del Tacket. I would say that it is pitched at an undergraduate Bible School level and that is where the videos look as if they were shot. The style could be slightly irritating to the more mature viewer particularly from a UK culture but the content realy makes this course worthwhile. It is obviously from an American perspective but not in a way that would alienate a UK viewer. Even the lesson on the history of the American Experiment is so interesting that it is worth watching and sheds light on the kind of thinking that would have been prevelent at the time in the UK. If you watch the course previews on their web site don't be put off by the way they have been edited together, it makes the whole thing seem like a verbal machine gunning which is not the impression you have if you watch the whole thing. The course is designed for group use and they encourage leaders of the course to go on a one day training session first, however this is easier said than done if you happen to live in UK! Having met someone who has attended the sesssion it is really a fairly basic 'How to run a course' training session and the DVDs pretty well stand on their own.

Very much recommended for family and group use.

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