Rutherford House Audio

This audio was digitised from Rutherford Houses Tape collection recorded between 1984 and 2006

These tapes were recorded in a variety of venues and for some of them at a time when good recording equipment was not widely used - so quality is somewhat variable. However if you come across oddities such as false starts, repitions in the middle when the tape was turned over etc then contact me and I will try and fix it.

101 James Packer 'Getting the Holy Spirit in Focus'

102 James Packer 'Augustian and Wesleyan Views about Holiness'

103 James Packer 'Charismatic Christianity and Biblical Theology'

104 James Packer 'Facing Holiness'

105 James Packer 'The Gospel of healing'

106 James Packer 'Guidance about Guidance'

107 Edmund Clowney 'Christ in the OT History of Redemption'

108 Edmund Clowney 'Christ in the Psalms'

109 Edmund Clowney 'Christ in the Wisdom Literature'

110 Edmund Clowney 'The Old and the New In Christ'

111 Edmund Clowney 'The Missionary Church of Christ'

115 Don Carson 'Greater than John the Baptist'

116 Don Carson 'The Death of Pride'

124 Donald MacLeod 'The Sanctity of Human Life'

128 Geraint Fielder 'Abraham'

130 James Philip 'For such a Time as This'

135 Robert Reymond 'Catherine Rose Memorial Lecture' (2)

136 Robert Reymond' A Ministry Approved by God'-1

137 Robert Reymond 'A Ministry Approved by God' -2

138 Robert Reymond 'A Ministry Approved by God' -3

139 Robert Reymond 'Where Can God be Found'

140 William Still 'What of the Future'

142 Sinclair Ferguson 'Christ's Ambassadors'

143 'The Minister as a Workman'

144 Sinclair Ferguson 'When Life Tastes Bitter'

145 Eric Alexander 'A Biblical View of the Eldership'

146 Eric Alexander 'A Biblical View of Eldership' 2

153 Don Carson 'Praying Under the Sovereignty of God'

154 Don Carson 'The Great Commission'

155 Nigel Cameron 'The Sanctity of Human Life'

156 Douglas Kelly 'Prayer and the Person of God'

157 Douglas Kelly 'Prayer and Praise of God'

158 Douglas Kelly 'Prayer and the Purpose of God'

159 Douglas Kelly 'Prayer and our Union with Christ'

160 Douglas Kelly 'Prayer and God's People 1'

161 Douglas Kelly 'Prayer and God's People 2'

162 Douglas Kelly 'Prayer and its Problems'

164 Debate between Nigel Cameron and Donald Macleod

170 Dick Lucas 'To Open Their Eyes'

171 James Philip 'Why Expository Preaching'

172a Carl Henry 'Presuppositions and Theological Method' Part 1

172b Carl Henry 'Presuppositions and Theological Method' Part 2

173 Carl Henry Living at the bottom of the well

174 Carl Henry 'The Harvest of Life'

175 James Packer 'From Scripture to Sermon'

176 James Packer 'From Scripture to Sermon - the Problem of Paradigms'

177 J I Packer 'The Atonement - Its necessity'

178 J I Packer 'The Atonement - its Effectiveness

179 The Tower of Babel

180 James Packer 'Creeds and Confessions in Scotland Today'

181 James Packer Church Discipline

182 Donald MacLeod A Christian Mind

183 David Jackman 'Taking Jesus Seriously'

184 David Jackman 'Preaching Old Testament Narrative'

185 Dick Lucas 'The Priority of Preaching'

186 Dick Lucas Preachers and Preaching

187 Lesley Newbiggin Confessing Christ in a Multi-Religion Society

188 Colin Chapman Building Bridges with Muslims

189 David Searle Appeal to Preachers

190 David Searle 'Caring for the Flock'

191a John Blanchard EvangelisticPreaching

192 John Banchard We shall be like him

194 Don Carson 'Evangelistic Preaching in a Postmodern Age'

195 George Philip 'Partnership in the Gospel'

196 George Philip 'Encouragement in the Gospel'

197 George Philip 'Encouragement in the Gospel'

198 Donald MacLeod 'Review of Scottish Theology by Tom Torrance'

199 Tom Torrance 'Reply to Donald Macleod'

200 Tom Torrance and Donald Macleod Dialogue




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