Scottish Friends of L'Abri

Scottish Friends of L'Abri is a group of like minded individuals who are interested in Christian worldview issues and are influenced by the works of Francis Schaeffer. For further details go to our web site

We usually have two conferences a year. Some of them can be watched or listened to on line:

On line resources

Ranald Macaulay: History of L'Abri,

Ranald Macaulay: The Challenge of Living in the New Millenium

Susan Macaulay: Christian Education

Andrew Fellows: Confrontation in an Age of Tolerance

Richard Buckley: Liberalism

Alistair Donald: Intelligent Design

Donald Drew: Living with Live Books: The Place and Purpose of Literature

Donald Drew: Forgetting to Remember: Reflections on the Loss of Christian Memory in our Culture

Alex MacDonald: The Clash between Church and Nation in 21st Century Scotland

Mark Stirling: Tribalism or Compromise - The Church in the World

Terry Kirkwood: One Christian Artist's Vision

Bob Fyall: The Da Vinci Code - History or Fantasy?

David White: Spirituality and Postmodernism - A Critique of Jacques Derrida and Ferdinand de Saussure

Dan Petersen: A response to Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion

Ranald Macaulay : Rekindling the Vision: Christians in the Post-Christian West'
Part 1
Part 2

James Paul: What in the world is real?

David Smith: From Gospel City to Style City: Changing perceptions of Glasgow

Paul James griffiths: The Story of Edinburgh Christian Heritage Centre

If you have problems getting the videos to play smoothly then follow the instructions to down-load the video to your computer before playing.

Other Resources on Christian World View

The Truth Project: A 13 part course on DVD produced by 'Focus on the Famil'y

Total Truth: A manual on Christian world view written by Nancy Pearcey