Intelligent Design

Intelligent design is frequently confused with Creation Science. Creation Science aims through scientific research to show that science is in harmony with the teaching of the Bible.

Intelligent design does not refer to the Bible (Indeed not all advocates of Intelligent design are Christians) but rather seeks to demonstrate that Philosphical Naturalism (Usually referred to as Darwinism) does not provide adequate answers to questions of where we came from and seeks to prove that the world around us is the product of design and not mere chance.


"Does God Exist?" Kirk Durston

Early in 2008, Edinburgh University Christian Union invited Kirk Durston of the New Scholars Society to speak at their Easter Mission. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Biophysics at the University of Guelph, specializing in the application of information to biopolymers. As a Christian Scientist Kirk demonstates why he believes his Christian faith is totally compatible with his belief in God.

"Intelligent Design" Kirk Durston

Kirk explains why he believes that science provides an overwhelming case for Intelligent Design being the 'First Cause' of life as we know it. His emphasis is mathematical and the amount of time that would have been required for the Darwinian solution.

Intelligent Design Alistair Donald

In Alistair's talk there is a greater emphasis on irreducible complexity being the primary eviidence.

No Plausible Alternative to Natural Selection? Dr Nancy Darral

Nancy compares speech in humans and noises in animals demonstrating the vast gulf that exists between.