A series of talks on Christian ethics

'Can we be good without God?'

A talk by John Patrick.

Dr. John Patrick retired from the University of Ottawa in June 2002. He had been Associate Professor in Clinical Nutrition in the Department of Biochemistry and Paediatrics for twenty years. Dr. Patrick's medical training was in London, England. He has done extensive research into the treatment of childhood nutritional deficiency and related diseases holding appointments in Britain, the West Indies and Canada. He has worked in Central Africa assisting in the development of training programs that deal with childhood protein-energy malnutrition.

This lecture which was set up as a cooperation between the Edinburgh University CU, The Philosophy Society, the Humanist Society and the Christian Medical Fellowship

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Suffering and the Origin of Evil: Is the God of the Bible Responsible?

Alison Carter was an editor at Rutherford House Edinburgh. She has been interested in Christian Apologetics for many years and runs 'Scottish Friends of L'Abri' an organisation promoting Christian Worldview thinking. She is also involved in running Edinburgh Christian Heritage Centre.

This talk was part of a series of training talks given as part of a practical apologetics training course.

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