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January Conference 2003




"Preaching the Gospels" and

"Preaching Apocalyptic"


Donald A. Carson is a prominent scholar of the evangelical movement. He is currently a research professor of the New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School , which is based in Deerfield, Illinois , United States .

Carson's academic qualifications include a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from McGill University and a Doctor of Philosophy in the New Testament from the University of Cambridge .


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March Conference 2003






Peter White is currently Minister of Sandyford Henderson Memorial Church of Scotland. He was formerly Principal of Glasgow Bible Training Institute which became the International Christian College whilst he was in post.

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"Evangelism in a Post-Christian Culture"


Fergus Macdonald's CV has included Free Church Minister and General Secretary, United Bible Societies. Now in retirement still plays a very active role on a number of committees including Scottish Evangelical Theology Society and Rutherford House.

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Note: The sound is not very clear for the first minute or so of this recording and some of the questions at the end are difficult to hear.


October Conference 2003





David Searle was for 12 years the Warden of Rutherford House, bringing in many innovations to the ministry there. He had previously been Minister of Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church in Bangor, Northern Ireland and minister in the Church of Scotland before that. Since his retirement he has been very involved with St Andrew's Church, Arbroath.

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"Christian Apologetics"

Howard Taylor is a prominent Christian apologist and recently retired as Chaplain to Heriot Watt University. He is a well known international speaker on apologetics and ethical issues.

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