Crieff Fellowship

January Conference 2001


"The End of the World "



David Jackman is an internationally renowned Evangelical Christian speaker, and the President of the Proclamation Trust . He founded the Cornhill Training Course in 1991 and was previously Minister of Above Bar Church , Southampton from 1976 - 1991.

David also served with the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship ( UCCF ). In 1974 he wrote his first short book, Starting as a Student: A Christian Approach , an 88 page pocketbook designed to prepare students for University or College life.


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Talk 4"The New Heaven and the New Earth" Listen to audio

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Note that there may be some overlap between talks 4 and 5

"How to Introduce a Biblical Ministry "

David Searle was for 12 years the Warden of Rutherford House, bringing in many innovations to the ministry there. He had previously been Minister of Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church in Bangor, Northern Ireland and minister in the Church of Scotland before that. Since his retirement he has been very involved with St Andrew's Church, Arbroath.

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March Conference 2001





Derek Prime is a well known conference speaker and former minister of Charlotte Chapel Church edinburgh.


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"New-Charge Development in Scotland "



Fred Drummond was Church of Scotland Minister in Perth before becoming General Secretary of the Evangelical Alliance in Scotland.


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October 2001 Conference
"Preaching Poetry"

Sinclair Ferguson, Senior Minister of the First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina.


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"Operation World "

Patrick Johnstone worked extensively as a missonary in Africa. The first edition of Operation World was written to provide fuel for a regular feature of life in the Dorothea Mission - a Week of Prayer for the World. Later publication of the book by Operation Mobilisation has led to wide distribution around the world in six languages. The most recent edition was published in 2005. Its purpose is still the same: prayer for the unreached.

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  These talks have been digitised from the original tapes recorded by the late Iain MacDougal and the late Bruce Laing. Bruce left a very extensive library of tapes known as 'Tapes from Scotland ', kindly made available by his widow Margaret.