Seraph Media was established in 2004 olympic trade by Stephen Carter to make video and audio recordings for the Christian Church and affiliated organisations. This includes:

If you would be interested in helping out with this work then please contact me.


Latest Audio

Crieff fellowship 2012 conference available for purchase.

Bruce Laing's massive tape library 'Tapes from Scotland' is now available for free download. Soon there will be nearly 7000 titles including sermon series by William Still, James Philip, Eric Alexander olymp trade app and others.

The Rutherford House Tape Library is now on line

Earlier Crieff material is now been made available to download free


Latest Videos

Patrick Johnstone - The 1910 Missions Conference Anniversary Lecture

Suffering and the Origin of Evil

The story of Edinburgh Christian Heritage Centre

A discussion recorded at the Friends Meeting House Edinburgh on Creation and Evolution

A series of videos on Christian world view recorded at Scottish Friends of L'Abri

The videos on this olymp trade reviews site are streamed. This means that if you click on the links they will play in a window on this site. If you want to play the videos away from your internet connection or the videos are 'sticky' because your internet connection is running slow, you can download them by signing up to Vimeo. You will then get a down-load option in the vimeo windows on my site. Signing up is a straightforward process of just providing your email address and a password. There is no spam or any other nasty stuff.

If you would like a DVD of any of these videos please contact me at stephen@seraphmedia.org.uk

Technical Resources

Tips for Making Missionary Videos The late Jack Buchanan was video producer for AIM-UK for many years. He produced a guide for training missionaries to make videos of their work. With his permission we publish it here. (It is quite a big file so will take several minutes to download).

Guide to Taming your Church Sound System
Nothing is more disruptive to a service than an out of control sound system. One trainer wrote a book called: If Bad Sound was Fatal then Audio would be the leading cause of death. Many of us would be sypathetic to thissentiment. This article is hopefully the beginnings of a larger treatise I hope to write on this subject.


Christian Worldview Resources

As a Christian do you find it becomes increasingly difficult to understand the world we are supposed to be reaching out to? Sometimes it can almost seem as if we are like pioneer missionaries dealing with an unknown people group. How do we keep our own young people on board? Have a look at these two brilliant resources:

'The Truth Project' is produced by 'Focus on the Family' and is a set of videos designed for group use. It is excellent for stimulating discussion and highly recommended.

'Total Truth' written by Nancy Pearcey who is a Schaeffer Scholar. She covers a lot of Schaeffer's ideas but is much more readable. You must read this book!

Contact me at Stephen@seraphmedia.org.uk